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Employee Debt Repayment Match Strategy PSA

Employee Debt Repayment Match Strategy PSA

November 29, 2020

In this video we talk about an employee benefit for helping to pay down debt, specifically for student loans!

This is a PSA for employers to help their employees. Specifically for nurses and midlevels, this is an employee benefit that should be more widely implemented. 

The idea is that instead of getting a match in your 401(k) for contributing for retirement, that match is put towards your repayment of debt.

If you are like most nurses and midlevels, then you may not be contributing to retirement because you are working on paying off debt. Well if the company is going to give you a match anyway (in the 401(k)), then they might as well put it towards something you are prioritizing!

This is a new benefit, so let us know if you would like help talking to your employer about it.

Lets get the word out and it more widely implemented!